• Rodrigo Baggio

Rodrigo Baggio

Guitarist and Composer

Combining the Brazilian Music, Improvisation and elements of Contemporary Classical Music, brazilian guitarist and composer Rodrigo Baggio (b. 1976) has excelled internationally in 2012, playing concerts and having his music played in various countries around the globe.


He was the guest guitarist of Université Laval (Quebec) in their 2012 winter semester, premiering four compositions (“Serra Verde” – for guitar, “Suíte Américas” – for guitar and trombone, “Lâmpada do Operário” – for tenor, guitar and trombone and “Ciclo de Improvisações Sobre Memórias Regionais” – for guitar and tenor saxophone) commissioned by the great trombone player Dr. James C. Lebens for that special occasion.


Alongside the concerts, Baggio has composed music for different ensembles and projects such as “Fantasia Brasileira I” (for guitar) specially written for Prof. Brian Katz (University Of Toronto).


His compositions premiered worldwide are:


- "Piano Interlude"

Performer: Arrigo Barnabé.

Venue: EMESP (São Paulo/Brazil).


- "Choro Franco" - for Flute, Electric Guitar and Electric Bass.

Performer: ESP Trio.

Venue: L'Olympic Café (Paris/France).


- "Synthetic Serenade" - for Tenor, Trombone and Piano.

Performers: David Souza, Anne-Marie Bernard Denis Bernier.

Venue: Henri-Gagnon/Université Salle Laval (Quebec/Canada).


- "Daydreams Of Gardel On The Orbits Of Saturn" – for Piano.

Performer: Juan María Solare.

Venues: - Theatersaal/University of Bremen.

(Bremen/Germany - World Premiere)

- Bolivar Hall/Embassy of Venezuela in the UK.

(London/England - English Premiere)


- "Céu Negro" – for Electric Guitar.

Performer: Rodrigo Baggio.

Venue: WGDR Radio Station Program - "What's Next?" (Vermont/USA).


- “Unending” – for Mezzo-Soprano and Electronics.

Performers: Katherine Crawford and David Morneau.

Venue: Jan Hus Church (New York/USA).


- “A Verse For Dad” – for Violin.

Performer: Denise Stillwell.

Venue: Jan Hus Church (New York/USA).

- “Fantasia Brasileira III” – for Tenor and Orchestra.

Performers: David Souza and Orchestre Sympho-Pop Quebec.

Venue: Église St-Albert-Le-Grand (Quebec/Canada).


- “Os Trilhos de José” – for Orchestra.

Performer: Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa.

Venue: Sede da Metropolitana (Lisbon/Portugal).


- “Where and Who” – for Soprano and Piano.

Performer: Dr. Liana Valente.

Venues:  - Music Club of Lakeland (Florida/USA - World Premiere)

- The Benjamin T. Rome School of Music (Washington DC/USA).


- “Suddenly, on the ground misty (unsolicited)” – for Soprano and Piano.

Performers: Georgeta Stoleriu (soprano) and Violetta Stefanescu (piano).

Venue: Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest (Bucharest/Romania).


- “Liturgical Interlude” – for Organ.

Performer: David Bohn.

Venue: The Faith Lutheran Church in Appleton (Wisconsin/USA).


- “On a funky clip” – for Contrabass Clarinet.

Performer: Alex Sramek.

Venue: Jan Hus Church (New York/USA).


- “Quod ore sumpsimus, Domine” – for Tenor and Organ.

Performers: David Souza e Rachel Martel.

Venue: Église Saint Dominique (Quebec/Canada).


- “Almost Soundless…Almost Speechless” – for Violoncello.

Performer: Maksim Velichkin.

Venue: Los Angeles Public Library (Los Angeles/USA).


- “Echoes of a Decade” – for Violoncello.

Performer: Maksim Velichkin.

Venue: MiMoDa Studio (Los Angeles/USA).


- “Seeds” – for Violin and Tape.

Performer: Daniel Mihai.

Venue: George Enescu Festival (Bucharest/Romania).


- “Echoes in the Empty Rooms” – for Violin and Clarinet.

Performer: DissonArt Emsemble.

Venue: 48th Dimitria Festival (Thessaloniki/Greece).


- “Floating Lines” – for Piano.

Performer: Giuseppe Lupis.

Venue: Sherman Van Solkema Concert Hall (Michigan/USA).



(Further information about “World Premieres” on www.rodrigobaggio.com.br  - “Agenda”)


His piece “Three Insights Of The Brazilian Landscape” (for Percussion) was one of the winning pieces of “Carl von Ossietzky Composition Prize” at Oldenburg University (Germany) – 2011.


His piece “Two Brazilian Folk Songs” (for Wind Ensemble) was one of the winning pieces of “Carl von Ossietzky Composition Prize” at Oldenburg University (Germany) – 2013.


His piece “Os Trilhos de José” (for Orchestra) was one of the 11 winning pieces of the “Concurso Novos Compositores” sponsored by the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra (Portugal) – 2013.


His piece "The Glass Factory" (for Septet) was one of the 05 winning pieces, among 170 competing pieces, of the "UNBOUND Performance Award" sponsored by the Living Arts of Tulsa (USA) – 2013.


His piece “On A Glance” (for Glockenspiel, Classical Guitar and Snare Drum) was one of the winning pieces chosen for the “Vine Orchestra” recording sessions held in Austin/Texas (USA) – 2013.


His piece “The City and The Sky of Andria” (for Mandolin and Classical Guitar) was one of the 17 winning pieces, among 79 competing pieces, of the “Invisible Cities” Project (Pieces for Duo Squillante/Tursi) held in Naples (Italy) – 2014.


A graduated musician from UNAERP (University of Ribeirão Preto/Brazil), Baggio is currently developing his own project called "Guitar Solo" in which Composition and Improvisation are combined on a particular way of instrumental performance.


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